What is TUGSA?

The Temple University Graduate Students’ Association is a union that advocates for graduate students that are employed by the university as teaching or research assistants.

The purpose and goals of TUGSA are as follows:

  1. Collective Bargaining: To promote the welfare of the membership and to provide a voice in addressing grievances.
  2. Education: To promote quality instruction and research and to advance Temple University’s mission as an inclusive public institution.
  3. Social Justice: To cooperate with other working people on campus and beyond in order to promote social justice and increase access to higher education.
  4. Solidarity and Equality: To cooperate among ourselves, support each other in our struggles, and to ensure that the success of each depends upon the success of all.

TUGSA works hard to negotiate fair employment terms every four years. These terms include the stipend amount, health benefits, paid and unpaid leave, workplace conditions, and other miscellaneous benefits such as a discount at the Temple Bookstore (more info here).

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