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Finding Your Voice

The start of something new always comes with conflicts. Each new academic year at Temple often holds the promise of great hope with many of the similar snags seen year after year. These transitions detract for developed routine because ‘what do you mean my department didn’t process my assistance-ship letter yet so I can’t enroll for health insurance until the… Read more →

Organizing Our Future

In mid-March Alex, TUGSA’s co-director of organization, and I attended the AFT/NEA 2015 Higher Education Conference. As we exist within the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) as local 6290, the AFT also sponsors and supports other graduate student unions throughout the country. While many are in their own unions, a number of graduate students end up in the larger unions… Read more →

Who Gets To Unionize?

As is clear from the previous post, adjuncts teach a significant number of courses each semester at Temple. While teaching two to three courses here at Temple, they often teach one or two more at other local universities in an effort to make ends meet. I do not have to tell you how difficult it is to work multiple jobs,… Read more →

A Contingent Future

For many graduate students the decision to pursue an advanced degree comes organically from our interest in our field. The undergraduate course material excited us or we took an active interest in learning outside the classroom. This manifests itself in taking research internships or working directly with professors during the academic year. Eventually someone suggests that we should consider applying… Read more →

The Myth of the Blue Collar Union

Consistent with the role of unions theme, I thought it would be an appropriate follow-up to Christian’s post to discuss the role of unions in my own life. Much of my upbringing has depended on a union. My father has worked a union job for the last 30 years in New York City. Aside from the unwavering protection of which… Read more →

Why am I a member of TUGSA?

[In an effort to create more transparency between the Executive Board and the union members, the co-presidents will author an article once a month for the remainder of the academic year. This platform enables them to speak directly about events occurring to the union as a whole and issues within the city/country that impact graduate students on a larger level.… Read more →

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