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2018-2022 Contract Highlights

The terms of your employment are determined by the TUGSA contract. The current contract determines the employment conditions of all graduate student employees with some form of a graduate assistantship (but no direct academic benefit) during the 2018-2022 academic years.


Currently, there are three levels of graduate student compensation. Note that these numbers only serve as a base compensation figure; that is, the stipend is a minimum compensation amount.

2018-19 Academic Year

Natural Sciences: $19,211

Education, Business, Social Sciences & Health: $18,495

Arts & Humanities: $17,784

2019-20 Academic Year

Natural Sciences: $19,739

Education, Business, Social Sciences & Health: $19,004

Arts & Humanities: $18,273

(The stipend is the same for teaching and research assistantships and is prorated based on the assignment.)

TUGSA is looking to eliminate this stipend disparity for the upcoming contract. But we need your help! CLICK HERE to become a dues-paying member and become involved in TUGSA.


All graduate students with some form of assistantship receive a twelve-month health insurance subsidy. For full-time graduate assistants with no dependents, the subsidy is enough to fully cover the premium level of healthcare insurance. Note that the healthcare insurance period begins September 1st and runs through August 31st. All graduate assistants (new or incumbent) must sign up for health insurance in August to receive or continue receiving health insurance. For more information, regarding the healthcare subsidy and options available, CLICK HERE.


Sick Leave: Graduate assistants are granted three (3) sick days per semester. (Note that these sick days expire at the end of a semester.)

Maternity Leave: Graduate assistants are granted five (5) consecutive calendar days for either the birth of a child or the adoption of a child.

Funeral Leave: Graduate assistants are granted four (4) consecutive calendar days to attend the funeral of an immediate family member (spouse, domestic partner, father, mother, legal guardian, child, sister or brother).

Jury Duty: Graduate assistants are entitled to full compensation on the day of jury duty (minus the jury duty compensation amount).


Military Leave: Graduate assistants serving military duty are guaranteed their position for the length of their contract.


Personnel Files: Graduate assistants will have the right to respond to items placed in their personnel files; they have the right to review their file at any time. Items placed in their folder will have to be time- and date-stamped, and the student will have to be notified before anything derogatory is placed in her file.

Non-discrimination: “Nationality” has been added to the list of matters on which Temple will not discriminate.

Affirmative Action: The University is required to give TUGSA the appendices to Affirmative Action policy, not just the policy itself, and TUGSA can make suggestions regarding additions or changes to Affirmative Action policies.


Office Space and Supplies: All TAs will receive a voicemail number and account, whether or not they have a phone in their office.    Deans will be required to participate in discussions between Labor and Employee Relations and TUGSA about office space needs.

Outside Employment: You no longer need university approval to get additional employment outside of Temple University that does not interfere with your duties at Temple University.

Employee Assistance Program: TAs and RAs will be eligible for the University’s Employee Assistance Program.

Bookstore Discount: TAs and RAs will receive a 15% discount at the Temple bookstore.


TUGSA will receive electronic dues lists, allowing for a swifter check of who’s properly paying dues and who’s not; dues lists for summer sessions; leave for union business; a promise that Temple will try not to direct TUGSA emails to junk mail folders; and more bulletin boards.

Our mission at TUGSA is to place the needs of graduate students front and center and advocate for those needs. As a result, contract negotiations are a constantly evolving process in which we fight to keep our benefits and try to acquire new ones. There is no better way to make your voice heard than to become a member of TUGSA.

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