Grievance Information

Workload Related Grievances

As an organization that works on behalf of you, the graduate employee, we want to know if the University is overstepping the bounds of the contract by requiring you to commit more hours than stipulated in your assignment. For a full-time assistantship, the number of hours worked should not exceed 300hrs. per semester (an average of 20hrs. per week for the fifteen week period). For partial assistantships, simply multiply the 300hrs. requirement by the fraction of your assignment (e.g. a half assistantship would require 150hrs.)

Since TUGSA regards workload as defined by number of hours worked¬†and not by credit hours taught, no two assignments can be considered the same. For instance, teaching assistantships at the University’s Writing Center are essentially one-on-one coaching assignments by appointment whereas a teaching assistantship in the English department may actually require a graduate assistant to instruct a class of 30 or more students. While the former assignment may have little to no outside work requirements, the latter consists of preparation, grading and out-of-classroom student contact. As you can see in this case, the hours can quickly add up!

If you believe that you are being treated unfairly with regard to your employment by working more hours than assigned, please contact TUGSA at An immediate step you can take is to begin keeping a log of the number of hours you are working. We will help you settle your grievance amicably, if possible, and if not, then we will be your advocates, legally and otherwise.

Non-Workload Related Grievances

While the majority of the complaints we receive deal with workload, we are also your ally and support in dealing with non-workload related grievances such as sexual harassment by a superior or colleague; issues relating to obtaining sick, medical or family leave; and concerns relating to tuition and fees. As with workload grievances, we will ask you to collect the proper documentation, which we will then use to address the situation amicably. If that fails, we will be your advocate legally and otherwise.

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