Position Statements


As a labor organization, TUGSA is intimately involved in raising awareness and advocating for a host of national issues ranging from equal rights to protections for workers. While TUGSA is barred legally from making political contributions using your union dues, members have often felt that TUGSA should present clear positions on issues that influence University life. Here you will find position statements, letters, blogs and other noteworthy literature that we hope will inspire you to become more active in your community.

TUGSA Supports the Sioux Indians of the Dakotas Against the Dakota Access Pipeline

University-wide Letter to President Englert & Provost Epps Regarding Making Temple University a Sanctuary Campus

Statement Regarding the 2016 Presidential Election by Ethan Ake & Theresa Cotter

“Finding Your Voice” by Christian Ward

“Organizing Our Future” by Christian Ward

“Who Gets to Unionize?” by Dana Miller-Cotto

“A Contingent Future” by Christian Ward

“The Myth of the Blue Collar Union” by Dana Miller-Cotto

“Why am I a Member of TUGSA?” by Christian Ward

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