Preparing for the 2018-2022 Contract


Every four years, TUGSA and the University negotiate a collective bargaining agreement that impacts ANY and ALL graduate students with some form of graduate assistantship. This negotiating not only involves the most important part of the contract – compensation and benefits – but also workload and quality of workplace related issues that make Temple University a desirable place to work and study. The next contract, 2018-2022, will be TUGSA’s fifth and through our last four contract negotiations, we have learned some valuable lessons that we hope to use in advocating for a better contract.

Perhaps the most important lesson that TUGSA has learned is the importance of member participation in helping create the list of demands. That means more participation from you the bargaining unit. With that in mind, TUGSA has decided to create four committees aimed at organizing and researching graduate student concerns. They are as follows:

1. Membership Committee – This committee is in charge of recruiting new members as well as creating recruitment tools (flyers, spreading the word events, mixers, Quizzo, etc.)

2. Graduate Student Life Committee –  This committee is in charge of addressing graduate student life portions of the contract such as working conditions, the grievance process, sexual harassment related issues, etc.

3. Compensation Committee – This committee is in charge of addressing the compensation related issues of the contract such as graduate stipend (and stipend differential across disciplines), tuition remission and fees.

4. Benefits Committee – This committee is in charge of addressing the benefits portion of the contract such as health insurance options, sick and maternity leave, etc.

We need people to help staff and lead these committees! Committee work will begin during the Spring 2017 semester and is open to anyone who is current a dues-paying member. (If you are not one and would like to become one, CLICK HERE.) If you are already a member (or interested in becoming a member) and would like to be on a committee, COMPLETE OUR COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP SURVEY. Committee work takes place during the bimonthly general meetings and consists of creating surveys and analyzing the responses.

Becoming a committee member is a great way to gain leadership experience in TUGSA and networking with members, which can be valuable in pursuing an Executive Board position. (Elections are usually held in April for TUGSA positions and term lasts July 1 – June 30.)

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