Understanding the 2018-2022 Tentative Agreement

Every four years, TUGSA and the University negotiate a collective bargaining agreement that impacts ANY and ALL graduate employees (i.e. those who have a teaching and/or research assistantship without direct academic benefit) This negotiating not only involves the most important part of the contract – compensation and benefits – but also workload and quality of workplace related issues that make Temple University a desirable place to work and study. The next contract, 2018-2022, will be TUGSA’s fifth and through our last four contract negotiations, we have learned some valuable lessons that we hope to use in advocating for a better contract.

Contract Negotiation Documents

Contract negotiations began as early as July 2017 with interviews for the Contract Negotiation Team with the formal announcement to begin the negotiation process with the University on August 31, 2017. Throughout the last eight (8) months, the Executive Board and the Contract Negotiation Team have been busy behind the scenes to have bring this process to life and to advocate on behalf of the graduate employee community at the bargaining table. Consequently, we have prepared a series of documents designed to help you understand the collective bargaining process






For the first time in the history of the organization, the TUGSA Executive Board is making all documents from the contract negotiation process available to the University graduate employee community to study. Click on the third link in the series to access our Google Drive, which includes all proposal/counter proposals with the University, data documents and transcripts for all nine negotiation meetings (totaling close to 40hrs.).


Tentative Agreement Documents

On Friday, March 23rd, the Contract Negotiation Team reach what is known as a Tentative Agreement with the University and on Thursday, March 29th, the Executive Board voted by majority (3:1 with 2 abstentions) in favor of advancing the Tentative Agreement to a ratification vote. It is called a Tentative Agreement because the final word is up to the TUGSA (full) membership to decide if they would like to either adopt the agreement or reject the agreement and begin the process anew. Voting on a tentative agreement should not be taken lightly as it determines the terms and conditions of employment at Temple University for the next four years. Moreover, collective bargaining is the cornerstone of labor unions and voting on contract ratification is a critical way to voice your opinion about the future of this labor union. To help you make this decision better, the Contract Negotiation Team has created three documents for you to review at your leisure:


CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE 2018-22 T/A AND 2014-18 CBA COMPARISON CHART (This document shows the exact language changes between the 2014-18 CBA and the 2018-22 Tentative Agreement.)

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE EXPLANATION OF THE 2018-22 T/A (This document walks you through the changes in the 2018-22 Tentative Agreement and explains the rationale for both the agreement and the consequences/implications of a ACCEPT/REJECT vote.)

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE 2018-22 T/A INFORMATION PRESENTATION (This document is the PPT presentation given to graduate employees in attendance at the two information sessions outlining the negotiation and ratification process as well as how the T/A fits into the long term goals of strengthening the union.)


Under the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA), only full (dues-paying) members can vote in contract ratification so becoming a member is more important than ever. If you are ready to become a full (dues-paying) member, all you need to do is head over to our Membership Page and sign up electronically. Remember, the deadline to become a full (dues-paying) member and vote in contract ratification is Friday, April 6th. Voting for contract ratification will take place starting Monday, April 9th at 8:00a.m. and end on Friday, April 13th at 5:00p.m. (Only full dues paying members will receive an invitation to cast a ballot.) Results of the vote will be announced to the Temple University graduate employee community no later than Monday, April 16th.

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