Resources for Members

TUGSA strives to support all graduate students that navigate employment and student life at Temple. It is our goal to make transparent what can be otherwise opaque processes. The resources below answer some of the most common questions that the union receives.


  1. TUGSA is the first graduate student union in the nation to employ a Sexual Harassment Officer. This officer provides much-needed support to students that deal with discrimination, harassment, or assault during their time at Temple. If you have questions about how our Sexual Harassment Officer can support you, please see here.
  2. For information about teaching support and resources as a TA or graduate student adjunct, please see here.
  3. For quick information about enrolling in healthcare and determining which plan is best for you, please see here.
  4. If you’ve been awarded a Research Assistantship and have questions about signing a Direct Academic Benefit form, please see here.


Have a question about something that we haven’t addressed? Please contact us at or come to one of our monthly events and meetings.

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