Graduate Employee Economic Survey

TUGSA leadership is collecting data and testimony from our members to learn more about the economics of graduate labor at Temple. We’re wondering: what does it cost you to work at Temple? What percentage of your monthly paycheck is spent on rent and other basic necessities? How do student fees–and the international fees on top of those–impact your ability to make ends meet?

Please click here to take our Graduate Employee Economic Survey.

Student Fees, Stolen Wages

We have learned that your semesterly fees can account for as much as 6.82% of your overall wage as a graduate employee–this is no small sum! Student fees supposedly go toward computer labs, recreation facilities, and on-campus health services. We believe these fees violate both US labor law and our own union contract. Grad students across the country are standing up to oppose fees and we can join them!

Our Stolen Wages via Student Fees

 US Citizen Wage During Coursework After  During Coursework After 
Sciences  $  19,739.00  $      445.00  $  163.00 4.51% 1.65%
Ed/SS/B/H  $  19,004.00  $      445.00  $  163.00 4.68% 1.72%
Arts/Humanities  $  18,273.00  $      445.00  $  163.00 4.87% 1.78%
ISS Fee = $178.50 Wage During Coursework After During Coursework After 
Sciences  $  19,739.00  $      623.50  $  341.50 6.32% 3.46%
Ed/SS/B/H  $  19,004.00  $      623.50  $  341.50 6.56% 3.59%
Arts/Humanities  $  18,273.00  $      623.50  $  341.50 6.82% 3.74%

Please click here to complete the Organizing Committee’s Graduate Employee Economic Survey and tell us how the burden of these fees, on top of the cost of rent, healthcare, and other basic necessities, impacts your life. Data and testimonies are an invaluable resource for organizing! Your responses will remain anonymous and all private information will be kept confidential. The Organizing Committee will use your answers to shape future campaigns, determine bargaining priorities at the negotiating table, and improve the living and working conditions of all graduate employees on campus.

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