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There are many ways that you can get involved with TUGSA, but only two ways to become a member. If you currently have an assistantship (in some form), then you may be eligible for full membership. If you do not have an assistantship (in some form) or have an assistantship from which you derive academic benefit, but are still interested in TUGSA, then you are eligible for associate membership. (SEE OUR FAQs SECTION FOR MORE INFORMATION.) If you are not sure about your membership status, send us an e-mail using the CONTACT US FORM and we can followup with you.


Note: Once you hit SUBMIT, your paperwork will be processed immediately and a staff member will follow up with you directly.

Remember dues are 1.65% of stipend ($35-$40/month) and they help with the following: (1) legal fees for the collective bargaining process, (2) legal fees for grievance procedures (in case you, the member, has a legal dispute), (3) dues to our parent labor organization – the AFT and AFL-CIO and (4) general administration costs. Complete the form and e-mail it to us. Once you are a dues-paying member, you will be allowed to participate in committee work and ratify the new contract when it is approved in 2017-18. You can also pick up a free TUGSA t-shirt!

If you are not eligible to be a member, consider joining as an associate member! An associate membership is a one-time fee of $25 (for one semester) or $50 (for one academic year) and associate members can still participate in committee work but are not eligible to vote on the contract.


Note: Once you hit SUBMIT, your paperwork will be on file but your associate membership is not active until you have submitted payment (check or money order only please made payable to TUGSA).

If committee work doesn’t sound interesting to you, you can still participate in a number of ways. We are looking for people to get out the word about TUGSA in your respective department or college. These individuals are known as STEWARDS and the serve as liaisons between departments or colleges and TUGSA. If you are interested in becoming a steward, complete the CONTACT US FORM.

Finally, becoming a dues-paying member allows you to take a leadership role in TUGSA and serve on the TUGSA Executive Board.

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